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Homemade Pizza Parlor – They'll Beg You To Make Another!

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Posted by Lock On February - 16 - 2009

Home Pizza Chef Delivers Legendary Pizza Recipes To Subscriber’s Inbox!
February 2009 specializes in assorted pizza recipes that are periodically delivered to your inbox and designed to be made in the comfort of your own home.

People love pizza, especially when it’s readily accessible and inexpensive. an “online pizza parlor”, based in Nashville, TN. Apparently they’ve discovered a new way to deliver one of the most beloved foods in the world, “the infamous pizza pie”.

Owned by a small marketing firm, Lockhart & Associates, is exposing a growing number of pizza loving subscribers to an economical and “high tech” way to satisfy their pizza cravings.

Upon subscribing to the site or the blog, subscribers receive periodic “HPC Legendary Pizza Recipes” directly to their inbox that they can create at home while family and friends anxiously stand by anticipating the next great pizza creation.

The “email pizza” recipes represent a sneak peak sample of over 175 assorted homemade pizza recipes offered in “HPC’s Legendary Pizza Recipes”. Described as being created by “a pizza lover”, recipients of the periodic email blast are showing their loyalty to pizza. Assorted pizza sauce recipes, pizza crust recipes and an arsenal of toppings are revealed in the downloadable full version of the offering. Subscribers are learning how to make pizza and throw pizza parties for one and all.

In addition to pizza recipes there’s a number of informative articles about the origin of pizza and how the much beloved pie has evolved through the years. Also offered are sources for grabbing all the pizza accessories and utensils that you’ll need to “wow” your family and friends.

The site proudly boasts ”Your Family and Friends Will Beg You to Make Another!”. Apparently, they’ve struck a chord with pizza lovers as subscriptions have steadily increased by 37% per week since the site’s launch in May of 2006.

Lockhart also noted that many people are dealing with budgetary constraints and want to continue to enjoy one of their favorite foods. “HomePizzaChef empowers subscribers to satisfy their pizza cravings for a fraction of the cost of eating out at traditional pizza parlors”.

William Lockhart, founder of and self proclaimed “homemade pizza lover” describes the project -”People love pizza, they have for years, however few know how easy it is to make really good pizza at home. Our product offers a convenient solution to pizza lovers who want to enjoy pizza and make the process of creating it at home an enjoyable experience.”

This approach to pizza delivery is quite a change from the traditional “call it in” method. Yet another use for the communication medium of email and the growing need for online accessibility has been discovered. Pizza, delivered to your inbox? Who could have imagined this 20 years ago?

About Lockhart & Associates – Lockhart & Associates is an online marketing firm that specializes in niche marketing, online advertising and online content development. Based in Nashville, TN, the firm has been involved in online direct marketing for approximately 4 years. Though most of the firm’s offerings are based on affiliate marketing relationships, the organization markets it’s own suite of digital information products and social network marketing services in addition to other web services.

Point your browser to or and have a pizza delivered to your email inbox.

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