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Mushroom Turkey And Swiss Cheese Pizza

Posted by Lock On October - 20 - 2015


What You’ll Need To Make Mushroom Turkey And Swiss Cheese Pizza Recipe Suggestion – Make your dough the night before you plan to bake your pizza, this will allow plenty of time for the dough to rise and also adds to the flavor of your crust)

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Pizza Crust Ingredients:
* 1 teaspoon white sugar
* 1 1/2 cup warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C- No need to boil the water)
* 2 packages of Active Dry Yeast (AYD) – Easily obtained from any grocery store
* 1 small bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* 1-teaspoon salt
* 1 ¾ cups of Enriched Unbleached Bread Flour

1- Roller Pin (Or a rollable surface to flatten the dough)
1- 14” Perforated Pizza Pan (The kind with the holes punched into the bottom of the pan)
2- Large Bowls for Mixing
2- Kitchen towels or equivalent

Making The Pizza Dough

Pour 1-½ cups of warm water in a bowl (Approx 105 –115 degrees) Empty the 2 packages of Active Dry Yeast into the bowl and stir until fully dissolved. Set to the side for approximately 20 minutes.

In a separate bowl mix the remaining dry ingredients (Enriched unbleached bread flour, salt, and the sugar).
Check the yeast mixture to ensure that the yeast has become active. It will appear to have increased in volume.

Slowly began to pour small amounts of the dry ingredients into the yeast and water mixture, stirring as you add the mixture. Continue to add the dry mixture until the mixture becomes solid and somewhat “clumpy”. Once you have added all of the dry ingredients to the yeast and water mixture, add approximately 1-½ teaspoons of olive oil to the mixture and continue to knead by hand. If needed, add a little more water to insure the dough is manageable. The kneading process can take 15 -25 minutes to make sure the dough is well blended.

Make sure the dough is well blended, and roll (by hand) into a dough balls Roll the dough ball around in any leftover flour (plain white) that is available. Finally, with a small amount of olive oil, brush the dough balls lightly to moisten and place in separate bowl that you will cover with a wet kitchen cloth and place in the refrigerator overnight. For best results I suggest at least 8-12 hours… however you can use the dough if needed after 2-3 hours.

Tip: Want to add a little flair to your pizza crust?

Try adding a blend of fresh herbs to the dough… Careful… Don’t over do it.. just enough to add flavor. To add the special touch once you’ve created the dough and dressed the pizza sprinkle left over herbs lightly over the exposed dough that can be seen around the outer crust of the pizza.

Preparing The Pizza Sauce

1 –15 ounce can of tomato sauce
1- 6 ounce can of tomato paste
1 ½ teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 teaspoon of minced garlic
1 teaspoon of ground oregano (Mediterranean preferred)
1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon of Basil Leaves (Mediterranean preferred)

Pour the tomato paste and tomato sauce into a bowl. Add all seasonings including the olive oil. Stir until all ingredients are thoroughly blended. This should result in a smooth tomato sauce… if more smoothness is desired add just a touch more olive oil. Set aside for 3-5 minutes.
Preparing The Pizza Crust:

Remove the dough from the refrigerator when ready. Shape your pizza dough to fil your desired pan width. If you haven’t already seen the video for shaping pizza dough go here:

4 White mushrooms (diced finely)
2 Teaspoons Olive oil
Smoked turkey slices
Ham (thin slices)
Coarsely ground black pepper to taste
2 teaspoons Chopped parsley or basil
Grated Swiss cheese


Tip: If you like a Southwestern taste to your pizza, substitute slices of smoked chicken breast and Monterey Jack cheese, then sprinkle with chopped cilantro.
Preheat oven to 450F. (Pre-heating your oven is critical. Never slide one of your great creations into a “cold” oven.  Heat oil in a small skillet. Add mushroom slices and cook over high heat for 2 minutes, shaking skillet. Reserve.

Cover pizza shell with diced turkey slices and ham. Top with slices mushrooms and tomato. Sprinkle with pepper to taste and 1 1/2 teaspoons parsley. Top with cheese.

Bake 8-10 minutes, or until cheese is golden and bubbly. Garnish with remaining parsley. Serve immediately.

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