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California Pizza – Let The Flavor Flow

Posted by Lock On August - 9 - 2015


California pizza, a totally different “style” of pizza has thoroughly integrated itself into the mainstream. So much so that many people do not recognize it as a separate pizza style.

In much the same way as pizza restaurants throughout the United States may carry a Chicago-style deep dish option, they may also have California-style items on the menu.

Once-innovative ingredients like barbecue, curry, eggs, or goat cheese, are now sold at more traditional pizza restaurants and chains, as simply another topping choice. California-style pizza is also quite common as frozen pre-prepared pizza.

In fact, a number of smaller and newer chains either specialize in, or carry, the California pizza style. In the fine dining end, many expensive restaurants continue to offer single-serving pizzas with expensive or exotic ingredients, baked in wood ovens, or even devote a portion of their menu to California-style pizza.

While most other styles of pizza are associated with the more traditional kind of pizza crust, the distinguishing feature of California-style pizza is the use of nontraditional toppings that derive from cuisines other than the usual Italian-style tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and especially incorporating fresh vegetables such as artichokes.

California-style pizza might include pizza like Thai pizza topped with bean sprouts and peanut sauce; Mexican pizza topped with carne asada, guacamole, and sour cream; Caribbean pizza topped with Jamaican jerk chicken; or chicken pizza with a white creamy garlic sauce. Breakfast pizza is in the same genre as California pizza, with toppings such as scrambled eggs and breakfast meats.

California pizzas are generally smaller than the standard eight-slice Neapolitan; most are single-serving dishes. Due to the “gourmet” nature of the California pizzas, their high menu price often misleads those from the eastern United States; almost no California style pizzas can serve more than two or three at most, yet they cost about the same as a much larger New York-style pizza.

While this provides more versatility in individual tastes, it can be surprising to those who are used to the traditional size, expecting a single pizza to serve five or six people. If you haven’t tried California style pizza give it a try for a refreshing taste in pizza.

If you haven’t already done so, try a California style pizza.

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