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Creating A Basic Pizza Crust

Posted by Lock On June - 6 - 2014

Legendary Pizza Recipes Mini Course”

7 Secret Tips For Making Great PizzaCrust At Home

Let’s face it, without a good crust for your pizza creations, you’re simply not going to be able to make pizza pies that you can be proud of…

The first thing that you must know about making good pizza crust is this…Making great pizza crust is a continual learning, testing and refining process. So view “great pizza crust” as a process…

Not a destination

The good news is this…You get to test it every step of the way… 8-)

Today, I’m going to begin to give you the basic concepts that you will need to start moving forward.If you don’t remember anything else about creating pizza dough… please remember this…

Before you begin to make pizza dough, decide exactly”when” you would like to serve the “finished” pizza. This is important because this will have a major impact on when you should begin work on your pizza dough.Pizza dough, once created, should be allowed to”proof” prior to use.

The amount of time needed depends on the yeast content and the temperature of the room where you’re creating your dough..

Proofing Dough:Definition: Dough proofs when it is allowed to sit in a warm spot, usually for several hours.

The dough expands and rises because of yeast fermentation and production of carbon dioxide. The gas is trapped within gluten strands which form out of protein in the flour as the bread is kneaded .

Pronunciation: pruf * (noun)Also Known As:

Let rise Examples: The dough was allowed to proof for two hours, until doubled in bulk.

You will need ample time to prepare your dough… Generally speaking, the longer you allow your pizza dough to proof the better the flavor of the crust.Does this mean that you can’t use pizza dough that’ s only been sitting for a few hours?

Not at all… but experiment with shorter and longer proofing times until you are comfortable with your results.Some pizza makers allow their dough to proof for up to 20 hours or more..

You’ll want to experiment until you have discovered what you prefer… .Also the dough assumes different flavor if it is proofed in cold temperatures versus room temperatures.Try it both ways and see which one suits you… Many pizza makers prefer that their dough be allowed to sit in a cooler or refrigerator during this process.

Again, experiment with each approach until you find the results you prefer… I do however suggest that you allow your dough to ferment for a minimum of 2-3 hours.I usually make my dough a full 12-16 hours prior to actually making the pizza.

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